10 Things I hate About You


I know I am such a loser for watching this just now. I have heard this old movie before and I had not had the opportunity nor was aware of it.

Like most of the 1990’s movie, which is like the season for all chick-flicks and teenage movies, the movie’s setting is in school. Starred by now famous stars like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger.

What interests me on this movie, aside from the story and the beautiful cast, is the youthful image of Heath Ledger who had a bad-guy look. He had his long curly blonde hair, nice physique and Aussie accent, I think he looked so HOT! Did he ever use that accent on his previous movies like Batman and Broke Back Mountain? Not that I can remember of.

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Coffee anyone?

For a light sleeper like me, I am trying so hard to maintain once/day coffee practice, otherwise, I won’t be able to have a good sleep at night. Sometimes, there came such time when I just indulge into coffee at the end of the day just because I am craving for it. “The hell I care with sleep!” –kind of thing. To me and to most of us, coffee is one of the best things in the world! When i was much younger, I did not appreciate it at all. I describe it as “bitter taste” and as “beverage for the old”.


Cappuccino at Mc Cafe, Clementi Mall


Cappuccino at Wild Honey, Scotts Square


Cappuccino at Udders, Upper Thomson Road

Coffee Tidbit Facts:

1. Morning clock-  with its caffeine content that acts as stimulant, coffee boosts morning blues to keep you awake and alive.

2. Exercise drink- there is a research that said caffeine motivates an exerciser to do more and further. But don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated since caffeine is a diuretic, which makes you urinate often.

3. Helps lose weight – since it is a kind of diuretic, coffee helps remove from your body the excess water retention which is a common cause of weight-gain.

4. Past time- with the popularity of coffee shops, it has been a good place to hang out to, whether you want to read a good book, chat with friends, dating, studying, getting free wifi,  or just want to have a quality time sipping and tasting your cup of coffee.

5. Psychological symbol for sex- from the Psychoanalytic Theory of Sigmund Freud, coffee is being interpreted as sex. How you describe coffee, defines how you relate with sex.

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Getting Physical


Last night Feb. 14, 2013, I decided to see the  California Fitness Centre which is referred to me by a friend. I actually volunteered myself to be referred so that I can check unto other fitness options before my membership with True Yoga expires. So, after negotiating with the Pinoy Senior Instructor, I have decided to sign up for it with a personal trainer. I feel that it is necessary for me as a beginner to achieve that  “bikini cut” body goal. Wish me all the best of getting truly physical. I am still authorize to my membership in True Yoga classes until April, so guess I am getting serious with my “thinspiration– Keira Knightley”.